The Scandinavian Way Of Life


The Scandinavian Way is all about balance. Balancing your work and life is the key to enjoying both. Medicon Valley is rather unique in offering a sophisticated and technologically advanced infrastructure with nature on the doorstep. You do not have to choose between work and your family life, you can have both. Companies even prioritise employee flexibility and cater for family life, yet retain high levels of productivity. A unique quality of life, high job satisfaction, and a safe environment for families characterise the Medicon Valley area.

Welcome to Greater Copenhagen - the Region of Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden

Greater Copenhagen, a metropolitan region that spans Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden, is the geographical area around Medicon Valley and offers a great place to live. It is much more than a dot on the map. It is a state of mind and a way of life. It is the Scandinavian spirit – sustainability, creativity, equality, trust and togetherness.

This region offers high living standards, a unique work-life balance and opportunities for the entire family. Take a look at the video about Greater Copenhagen and see for yourself