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Intensive three years in microbiome

The area of microbiome research is booming and Medicon Valley is very much a part of that explosion of research, talent attraction and investments.


More collaboration, please!

Is there potential for a Medicon Valley Microbiome Research and Innovation Platform? The results from a new KMPG study were presented at the Project Outcomes and Future Outlook event in Copenhagen on 7 June.

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A key to microbiome success is access to data

A key aspect that makes the Medicon Valley so appealing is its unique wealth of biomedical and health data. Microbiome researchers based in the cluster can potentially access a combination of biobanks and cohort studies that are seemingly unmatched throughout the world.

How microbiome research in Medicon Valley got global attention

How microbiome research in Medicon Valley got global attention

For the relatively new field of microbiome research, not much was known about the work being done in the region before the Microbiome Signature Project. Now, within two years, the region’s microbiome research has been extensively mapped, companies and research talent in the field were actively being drawn from all over the globe to the area, and it was the site for a new international microbiome summit. 


Why microbiome companies are establishing offices in Medicon Valley

Medicon Valley has been recognised for decades as the leading life science cluster in the Nordic region. Yet, a new type of company is being drawn to open offices and launch projects in the area — thanks to a new development in its reputation.  

How Medicon Valley successfully attracts global microbiome talent

How Medicon Valley successfully attracts global microbiome talent

Dan Rosenberg, who heads up the talent-related activities for the Microbiome Signature Project describes how research insights facilitated the attraction of international talent in Medicon Valley.


Jakob Krause Haaber will share SNIPR Biome’s success story at Medicon Valley Microbiome Pitch Day

Out of the many people taking the stage during Medicon Valley Microbiome Pitch Day, one won’t be pitching their company. Jakob Krause Haaber, PhD will instead be showcasing SNIPR Biome’s journey and accomplishments.


Meet Medicon Valley Microbiome Pitch Day's Keynote Speaker: Peter Bak

Before any researcher or entrepreneur gets on stage at Medicon Valley Microbiome Pitch Day, Peter Bak, PhD, from Back Bay Life Science Advisors, will give the keynote address. Here’s what you can expect him to talk about.

Crowd Concluding Day

Medicon Valley is where everything exciting within the Microbiome happens!

The Microbiome Signature Project: Project Outcomes and Future Outlook event will take place on 7 June in Ørestad, Denmark. Here, you will take part of the results from the three-year project but also from a recent study about microbiome research papers and successful microbiome hubs.