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Jakob Stokholm

MD, Ph.D., associate professor at COPSAC and University of Copenhagen

Presentation title: The role of the early life microbiome in development of asthma and allergy

Jakob's research area can be described as clinical translational research combining basic research methodologies and bioinformatics approaches mainly from the microbiology field with clinical data from birth cohort studies. The research has especially contributed to the understanding of how the microbiome in pregnancy and early life is shaped, and affected by factors such as antibiotics and delivery mode, and whether these factors as well as the microbiome can change risk of asthma and allergy. His main focus is currently about the maturation process in the early-life gut microbiome and how factors that interrupt the maturation process can lead to a highly increased risk of childhood asthma and allergy.


The bacterial composition of the human gut is shaped though extensive maturation processes ongoing in the first years of life and can be affected by a vast amount of environmental exposures. The microbiome and microbial maturation are often perturbed in this critical time of development by factors such as mode of delivery and use of antibiotics, which can cause long term microbial derangements. Here, we explore how a skewed early microbial composition and maturation process may affect the risk of later asthma and allergy, probably through interactions with the developing immune system.