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Wim Teughels

Professor and Vice-head, Periodontology, Department of Oral Health Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium

Presentation title: The mouth is an integral part of the human body: the oral health-systemic health connection

Prof Teughels is the vice-head of the Periodontology section of the University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium. At the same university, Prof Teughels obtained in 2006 the degree of specialist in Periodontology and he successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Microbial Interactions Involved in Bacterial Colonization of Epithelial Cells”. Prof Teughels also received an European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) certificate in Periodontology.

Prof Teughels’ main research focus is within periodontology and oral microbiology with a special emphasis on bacterial adhesion, microbial interactions, antimicrobials and probiotics.

With more than 140 publications in international journals, Prof Teughels has received 5 national and 3 international awards and is frequently invited to both national and international lectures on the concept of “probiotics”. In 2012, Prof Teughels became an associate editor for the Journal of Periodontal Research and an associate editor for the “Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology” textbook.


Although the oral cavity is the working domain of dentists, diseases from the oral cavity have an impact on systemic health and systemic health has an impact on oral health. The major driving forces can be inflammation or bacterial translocation. Lowering these burdens can therefore have an impact on both systemic as well as oral health. Probiotic modulation might be an option to improve both oral and systemic health.